People Moving

People Moving is the Business Unit focused on search and selection projects of middle management and professional to ensure a specific service for different needs.
Every project is completely customized and a senior consultant will be assigned to support the client throughout the whole process: from the qualified definition of the target to be pursued according to the real need, to the final success.
Usually the process includes the following phases:


Together with the client, the objective is defined in terms of:

placement within the organization, goals and key activities related to the position.

fundamental characteristics of the candidate profile, in terms of experiences background, technical and functional skills, interpersonal skills that best suit the context.

value of the proposal in terms of for example: induction program, professional path, career opportunities.

contractual framework and remuneration according to compensation policies and market references.


People Moving takes action on the market, through the most functional operational paths and using the search channels that best suit the final objective.
Aspects which distinguish our approach to the recruitment of middle management, adding value, are the following:

We limit the use of announcement, tending to prefer research methods that address the project more specifically and directly.

We don’t take part to international networks of companies to which to delegate projects abroad. Our consultant manage directly these projects and, if required, with support by international consultant that have already cooperated with our company and whose professionality we can grant for.

In this way we continuously keep the direct control of the project maximizing the process efficiency.

In case of projects that include a wider number of positions to cover, we build a customized path with the client, with the purpose of optimizing all typical performance indicators, as: efficacy, time and costs, also designing and managing specific tools.


At this phase we can contribute at the best conclusion of the project supporting the client:

by selecting, defining and managing assessment tools specific for targets, role and seniority, to go more in dept on competences level and motivations of the candidate.

by defining the salary proposal and by playing an active role, if useful, in the negotiation phase.

by designing an effective induction program that allows the candidate to integrate and adapt to the new work environment as fast and smoothly as possible. During the first period support will still be provided to prevent any critical issue.

Therefore, People Moving can be the global partner of the client in the design and direct management of the hiring paths of middle management and professionals.
Paths that can become particularly qualified thanks to our extensive experience gained both in the executive research projects and in the evaluation processes.