Career Counseling

We design and facilitate individual paths for the manager who is willing to search for, or is about to undertake, new professional challenges, so that he/she can face them consciously and effectively.

The path may aim at:

starting a search project for a new job in the market

taking up a new job within the current business

facing a company change.

We may also guide the development of managers who find themselves in a moment of their professional lives wondering whether and how they could imagine different and more exciting perspectives for their careers with respect to the current ones.
We find together coherent answers to these questions, treasuring their fieldwork, also suggesting a specific program for enhancing managerial skills if needed.

Finally, one may even want to increase his/her own self awareness and may want to develop his/her real potential through an assisted path, even though his/her professional situation is stable and serene.
This may come from the desire of improving one’s own performance, developing one’s own leadership or managerial dimension, preparing in advance for any possible change or, simply, for the personal gratification of enriching one’s own competency portfolio.

Every path is characterized by a short series of one-to-one meetings with our counselors and is always designed ad hoc, consistently with the specific needs expressed by the manager.