Executive Search

Our experiential background and our peculiar approach to projects allow us to take on assignments, that are always completed exclusively, through headhunting activities and without any industry, market or position limit.

In order to get the whole picture of real needs, it is essentially important for us to have the chance to actively listen to our client along the three connotative dimensions of the business: positioning, organization, culture.

We then analyze in depth the job position and the job role, also in the perspective of potential future development, and we identify and evaluate the distinctive skills required and the working environment that the candidate is to join, from both the organizational and cultural point of view.

The width and the depth of our capabilities of upstream analysis are of appreciated and recognized value to our client. These distinctive features of our modus operandi allow us to:

set up the activity of a qualified selection of target companies and potential candidates in a highly focused way since the very beginning of the process, which will surely benefit also in terms of efficiency.

to correctly and professionally represent the client company towards the candidate, catching her/his motivations and expectations towards a change and valuing opportunities in a qualified way.

to guarantee the best support to the management of negotiations and of the period of integration within the company.

The process in terms of timing and operating details will then be discussed and agreed with our client, according to its peculiar procedures, practices and any specific need.

Furthermore, we can offer our client a qualified design of the money package, definition and assessment of the skills profiles, references on request, induction path.

We believe that dealing with all our projects with this spirit can contribute to forging a valuable and lasting relationship with our client: just like a partnership, it is able to lead to success but also value in time. That is our primary target.