Along with the client, we design and manage ad hoc processes for Talent evaluation and development, by adopting models and tools among the most advanced and most commonly employed. This certainly ensures the validity and the objectivity of the result. The road map we suggest is the following:


Along with the client, we go through a structured path defining:

a skills profile specific for each position (job profile)

how to give feedback on results

a process to communicate the project

an operating mode and activity planning


communication: background, objectives, process, operating modes, tools and timing

one-to-one meetings with our consultants aimed at:

knowing each other personally and professionally: background, role and position

in-depth analysis of the process

enhancement of the level of engagement

assessment: through the administration of questionnaires about skills and leadership and the observation of team-based experiences, if needed

framed analysis of the outcomes overview and provision of an individual summary report

structured feedback meeting


sharing the most significant areas of intervention in terms of gaps to be filled

co-designing an individual plan

starting a path with the help of our consultants

It may be useful to implement an assessment also in order to make important management decisions with increased awareness, objectivity and consistency. These could be: hiring, replacing or promoting. Moreover, introducing assessment processes within one’s own development model qualifies the compensation and training policies, maximizing effectiveness and reducing relative costs.